How to say merry christmas in swedish audio

Mar 29, 2018. If you happen to find yourself in Sweden for Christmas time, it might not hurt to learn how to say" Merry Christmas" in Swedish, which is God Jul. Translation for 'Merry Christmas' in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations. How to Say Merry Christmas in Different Languages. Are you curious about how they say" Merry Christmas" around the world?

Every December, people of virtually all cultures take a moment or two out of their busy lives to offer a simple. How to say Merry Christmas in Hungarian.

Easily find the right translation for Merry Christmas from English to Hungarian submitted and enhanced by our users. How do you say" Merry Christmas" ?

Here's a compilation of 20 translations including: • Chinese • Spanish • Hindi • Arabic • Portuguese • Bengali Then this year, learn how to say" Merry Christmas" in eight different languages: French, Polish, Icelandic, Swedish, German, Spanish, Czech, and Norwegian.

These shareable Christmas cards from the NYPL Digital Collection will add some international panache to your seasons greetings. Need translate" Merry Christmas" to Swedish? Here's how you say it. Learn to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and many other traditional holiday greetings in German.

How To Say Merry Christmas In 30 Languages. by Chelsea Ramage. English, Merry Christmas. Arabic, عيد ميلاد مجيد. Swedish, God jul. Ukrainian, Веселого. Christmas in Sweden – Food& Funny Swedish Traditions. Merry Christmas in Swedish. But let’s start with how to say “Merry Christmas! ” in Swedish: .

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