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A boat full of refugees smashed onto a rugged part of Australia's Christmas Island during wild seas on Wednesday. 41 refugees were rescued but onlookers looked on helplessly at their struggle.

27. Asylum seekers on a boat that made it to within 200m of Christmas Island have not been publicly seen or heard from since residents watched a navy vessel tow the boat back out to sea last week. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has refused to confirm that a suspected asylum seeker boat has been intercepted just off Christmas Island.

A border protection source has told the ABC a boat was. At least 30 people were killed when a wooden boat carrying asylum seekers crashed in stormy seas on the rocks off Christmas Island, an Australian territory. Four babies, four children, and nine. national; Asylum seeker boat in distress between Indonesia and Christmas Island. PM Kevin Rudd did not mention a boat believed to be sinking today, as he spoke of getting more cooperation from.

As two more boatloads of asylum seekers are intercepted, the man appointed to investigate a charter of human rights says he will visit Christmas Island after hearing concerns about immigration. Oct 12, 2014. Residents of Christmas Island describe the day in 2010 when a boat carrying 90 asylum seekers crashed on the cliffs Asylum boat christmas island the island, leaving.

A spokesperson for Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says 17 suspected asylum seekers found in far north Queensland have been moved to detention on Christmas Island. in a bid to deter boat. During 2001, Christmas Island received a large number of asylum seekers travelling by boat, most of them from the Middle East and intending to apply for asylum in Australia.

The Norwegian cargo vessel MV Tampa rescued people from a sinking Indonesian fishing-boat Palapa. In December 2010, 48 asylum-seekers died just off the coast of the island in what became known as the Christmas Island boat disaster when the boat they were on, hit rocks off Flying Fish Cove, and then smashed against nearby cliffs.

The bodies of 13 people are found and 50 more are feared dead after asylum seekers' boat capsizes in Australian waters. Leaky fishing boat was sailing from Indonesia to Christmas Island Asylum boat arrivals strain Australian detention centre capacities THE arrivals of almost 900 asylum seekers in the first four days of May have pushed Christmas Island beyond capacity.

Gemma Jones. An asylum seeker boat is intercepted close to Christmas Island on 20 November 2015. It was the first to reach Australian waters for more than 12 months.

There is no passenger chartered boat services to Christmas Island, however Flying Fish Cove is frequented by yachts and cruise ships as a stop off. Get around [ edit ] Walk, ride, or hire of cars/4WD/SUV. The Australian Navy intercepts a suspected asylum seeker boat near Christmas Island, reports say.

Dozens of asylum seekers killed as their rickety boat is smashed onto rocks at Christmas Island.

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