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Innuendo Bingo featuring Nick Grimshaw PLUS egg nog and liquid Christmas dinner! A very wet Pixie Lott plays Innuendo Bingo on Radio 1 with Scott Mills Pixie Lott plays Innuendo Bingo. Published on 19 Jun 2014. Christmas photos from Rita Ora. From the guys that brought you Innuendo Bingo, it's Innuendo Bingo EXTREME. Innuendo Bingo with Frank Carter& the Rattlesnakes — Bingo with Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes! Chris Stark is joined by Frank and Dean from the Rattlesnakes for more Innuendo Bingo!

Play clip BBC Radio 1. 2. 8M likes. This is the official Facebook home of BBC Radio 1. Come and join us! Please remember anything you share on this page is. What is Innuendo Bingo?

Posted. We found out that Innuendo Bingo was invented by Scott Mills’ Radio 1. The game of ‘Innuendo Bingo’ is a game in which Chris. Xem 6 vs 1 as Radio 1's DJs destroy Chris playing Christmas Innuendo Bingo! -CZXiJbOSexU của Liampaige trên Dailymotion tại đây Bbc Radio 1 Innuendo Bingo Lorraine Kelly; The Matt Edmondson Show — Annie Mac sits in for Matt. Live On Christmas Morning View Programme information Next Radio 1 will launch its own video channel on the BBC’s iPlayer next week including live music, documentaries and Scott Mills’s innuendo bingo as it steps up its battle for the ears – and.

1. When something is said that could be taken in a sexual or inappropriate way (innuendo), one shouts" innuendo bingo" to point it out to all the slow people. - can also be used in a way that the first wins 2.

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