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Nov 21, 2016. Each year, Breckenridge Brewery releases Christmas Ale, a full-flavored, well- balanced, heartwarming ale meant to be shared with family and. Here at Breckenridge Brewery's main production facility, there's more cooking than just what's in the brew kettle. Our neighborhood barbecue restaurant features the finest meats smoked daily in. Breckenridge Brewery today announced the national launch of the popular winter seasonal, Christmas Ale. Each year, Breckenridge Brewery releases Christmas Ale, a full-flavored, well-balanced.

Breckenridge Brewery, which reached age twenty-one itself several years ago, has released the 21st edition of its winter seasonal, Christmas Ale. Breckenridge Brewery is an American brewing company based in Littleton, Colorado.

Select beers can be found in 42 US states. The company was purchased by Anheuser-Busch InBev in 2016. Colorado’s Breckenridge Brewery is out with two new seasonals, a nitro chocolate orange stout, and a classic Christmas ale. Let’s give both a try! Breckenridge Brewery Chocolate Orange Stout – You might expect a nitrogen-charged stout flavored with chocolate and orange zest to be heavy, even.

Breckenridge Brewery has grown from a small brewpub into one of the most successful craft beer and restaurant companies in the nation. Learn more! Breckenridge Christmas Ale. Brewed by Breckenridge Brewery (AB InBev). A delicious, approachable Christmas Ale. A winter warmer with rich caramel and. Beers Brewed by Breckenridge Brewery. This list includes beers brewed currently, previously, or seasonally by Breckenridge Brewery. Breckenridge: Christmas Ale.

The chill of winter calls for a beer with extra flavor and strength, and this take on a classic strong ale does just that—it soothes the soul and warms the spirit. This winter, when it is chilly and you are trying to warm your spirit, make sure to get yourself a hearty and strong Breckenridge brewery christmas ale Ale from Breckenridge. A clear mahogany color and a frothy beige head. Jan 7, 2016. Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale is our first beer together for the 2016 Beer League Season.

Reminds us of all of the Christmas parties we. Breckenridge Brewery presents another reason to celebrate the holidays: Christmas Ale in 5-liter/1. 32-gallon mini-kegsDenver, CO - Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado is releasing its annual holiday

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