Chocolate orange christmas pudding knitting pattern

Knitted christmas pudding chocolate orange cover. Selling on ebay. Christmas Knitting Patterns made to fit a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Free knitting patterns. Nov 26, 2016. Chocolate Orange Cover ~ Christmas Pudding. Row 11: Knit front and back into the first stitch, k1, knit front and back into the last stitch (5sts).

I am happy for you to use my patterns for your own use or for charity donations. This gorgeously cute Christmas Pudding knitting pattern can be used as a chocolate orange cover or stuffed using the base pattern to make a lovely 10 cms soft toy.

This makes a lovely Christmas table decoration, stocking. Sharing Crochet and Knit Goodies Worldwide!. 10 Free Last Minute Christmas Crochet Patterns! December 8. Chocolate Orange Cover Snowman by Jane Brooker. Are you a member of Ravelry? If not, you can join for free and you're never spammed with junk mail Here are the search results for a knitting pattern - though they're not free Christmas pudding knitting pattern.

This item will cover a chocolate orange perfectly. Knitted in double knit ( dk ) yarn using no. 10( 3. 25 mm ) needles. Item will. Chocolate Orange Covers ~ Christmas Pudding Santa Hat Snowman. KNITTING PATTERN The snowman with green hat chocolate orange cover or 15 cms. There are loads of ribbed hat patterns available I know - but I though I would share my version with you all So quick& easy to knit.

Roma Baby Hats Roma Baby Hat ~ knitted by Jill Martin Roma Baby Hat ~ knitted by Yvonne Sullivan Knitted by Margaret Padley. Start a new Christmas cookie tradition with one of these 5 creative& delicious recipes. Festive Orange-Cranberry Cocktails. Our Favorite Christmas Patterns. Create a free account to see 20 projects made from this pattern and more.

What am I missing?. Chocolate Orange Covers by Jane Brooker. Christmas pudding.

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