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Dec 24, 2014. By contrast, the Puritan influence kept Christmas a staid affair in New. Cotton Mather like father, like son railed against the holiday. Dec 20, 2011. Puritans were particularly contemptuous of Christmas, nicknaming it. Cotton Mather, New England's most influential religious leader, told his. So by 1712, when Cotton Mather strode to his Boston pulpit, he faced a congregation divided in its attitudes toward Christmas.

In his sermon, he did not concentrate on condemning Christmas itself, although he seems to have personally disapproved of it. Not at all.

They kept up their boycott of Christmas in MassaВ­chusetts for decades. Cotton Mather. So Christmas was finally accepted at that time? Even Cotton Mather's 1712 anti-Christmas sermon did argue against inappropriate behavior during Christmas, but he allowed for the possibility of celebrating it.

By Cotton mather christmas, there sermons positively urging that Christmas was a joyful occasion. Why Atheists Love Christmas.

Puritan Cotton Mather, America's moral voice during the early 18 th century, cried, " Can you in your consciences think that our Holy Savior is honored by mirth. Increase Mather (June 21, 1639 O. S. He was the son of Richard Mather, and the father of Cotton Mather, both influential Puritan ministers.

Biography Early. Puritan divine Cotton Mather discovered on Christmas 1711 that “a number of young people of both sexes, belonging, many of them, to my flock, had. . a Frolick, a reveling Feast, and a Ball, which discovers their Corruption. ” 36 Christmas’s War on America. Cotton mather christmas Mather. seasonal opulence of their new country echoed Cotton Mather in their arguments against Christmas as “heathen.

Dec 18, 1998. Cotton Mather, son of Increase, condemned the ``wonton Bacchanallian of Christmas in 1712. The day had ceased to be a Christian holiday. When Christmas Was Banned In Boston. at least by the standards of such Puritan divines as Cotton Mather. There are Christmas services in the churches. The Soul of a Musician Series is offered to support and appreciate musicians and all they mean to Austin and.

The Cotton Mather Christmas Show with Miranda. COTTON MATHER'S DILEMMA: CHRISTMAS IN PURITAN NEW ENGLAND. by Doug Ward. On a December morning, a congregation has gathered to worship, and the pastor steps to the pulpit to deliver a pre-Christmas sermon. Christmas’s War on America. Cotton Mather, even continued to rail against the “heathen feast” after the laws prohibiting Christmas were repealed.

Christmas was used as a weapon. The Mather Sermon and Related Hoaxes, from Family Christmas Onlineв„ў There is no question that European colonists and their descendants treated Native Americans brutally, with one inexcusable massacre or injustice after another.

Cotton Mather (1663-1728) has been described as the first American to embrace the Enlightenment, and his legacy is an important key to uncovering much about early America and the nation that follows. Visit Biography. com and learn more about Puritan-era New England, the Salem Witch trials and the role played by Cotton Mather.

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