Islam can we say merry christmas

To say" Merry Christmas" or" Happy Holidays" ? Some people say that we ought to say" Happy Holidays" to not offend some people. Others say that it offends Christians to not say" Merry Christmas" and that there would be no holiday this time of year if it were. Are we now going to force someone who is not a Christian to say" Merry Christmas" simply so Christian people don't get offended or angry? If a Christian person was working in a retail establishment that forced him to say" Happy Hannukah" to customers, I honestly expect that there would be some kind of revolt from the" war on Christmas" crowd.

I'm muslim and I wish my Christian friends and colleagues Merry Christmas, I don't celebrate Christmas but I wish them because it's their special day just like they say Happy Eid to me. Islam teaches us to be kind to everyone regardless of their religion.

By wishing someone a Merry or happy day is a. His mother was a virgin. The miraculous birth was announced by angels and has worldwide significance. It seems fitting, therefore, to wish Muslims a Merry Christmas too. However, some Muslims forbid participating in Christmas celebrations mainly because they claim that Jesus is worshipped as one of three gods.

Through this video series, the reader will understand the meaning of Christmas, why Christians celebrate Christmas, and why Muslims can say “Merry Christmas” to their friends. This explanation of Christmas will be divided into four episodes. Merry Christmas! And you're right, I don't celebrate Christmas, being Muslim, but I love participating in the celebration of it. I grew up wistfully and excitedly delighting in intricate Christmas.

Mufti Ismail Menk explains whether Islam allows Muslims to say “Merry Christmas”, as well as the permissibility of giving gifts on the religious days of other faith groups.

NOTE: This video is from a lecture delivered in 2013. Dec 07, 2016 · Through this video series, you will understand the meaning of Christmas, why Christians celebrate Christmas, and why Muslims can say “Merry Christmas” to their friends. This. Suheil Azam was sitting in a coffee shop in east London last month when one his friends began a debate on whether it was permissible under Islamic scripture for Muslims to wish their non-Muslim friends happy Christmas.

Dec 11, 2009 · I've seen some Muslims say that to wish a Merry Christmas is encouraging Christians to remain in their religion and that just isn't true. Nowadays so much about Christmas is commercialism and. Dec 21, 2013 · Can a Muslim say" Merry Christmas" ?. we want people to understand Islam as much as possible, we want to respect and appreciate others, we want to treat others in the best way possible, we don’t want to be socially awkward or insular.

Different situations will require different responses. Those of us who have non-Muslim. What Does Christmas Mean to Muslims?. and can even be depressing. Perhaps this message would get through better if we as Christians would forgo the more.

That's the most ridiculous assumption I've ever heard. " Muslims can't say 'Merry Christmas " Bah, humbug! This Christmas, I tested it by messaging& quot; Merry Christmas& quot; to two of my Muslim friends over Facebook. KUALA LUMPUR • The most senior Islamic cleric in Kuala Lumpur has weighed in on a debate on whether Malaysian Muslims are permitted by their faith to wish Christians" Merry Christmas".

. Read. Muslims and ‘Merry Christmas’ Wishes. Can I say Merry Christmas to my non-Muslim co-workers, friends, and family? Mufti Ismail Menk discusses whether Muslims are allowed to say" Merry Christmas" to christians and non Muslims in general.

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